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9 characteristics of a good programmer

Want to devote yourself to the world of computer science? Do you want to be a programmer?  If you’re passionate about computer science and you want to know what makes a good computer programmer, in this article we’ll explain this to you. Carry on reading to find out what are the strengths and characteristics needed

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Digital Communication: what is it? Concept and features

Accessing and using digital information has become part of our daily lives. Around 4 billion people globally have Internet access and use it regularly. As a result, digital communication is incredibly important. In this new article, we’ll answer to the question «what is digital communication» and we talk about its main features. What is digital

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How many programming languages are there?

To date, there are many programming languages available. The full list is practically endless, and the fact is that only a few languages currently predominate on a global level. How many programming languages are there? As we’ve said, there are hundreds, but only a few are worth getting to know and learning more about. In

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Digital Revolution: What is it and what are its pillars?

If you want to know what the digital revolution is and what this technological change for the digital sector is based on, we’ll delve deeper in this article. Carry on reading to find out more. What is the digital revolution? Definition If you want us to define the digital revolution, we can is considered to

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Epitech is a computer science school founded in 1999, which trains experts in the sector in 5 years. It allows to turn the passion for computer science into a profession of the future thanks to its innovative pedagogy based on the implementation of projects. Epitech is present in 13 French cities, one in the United States (New York) and in 5 other European cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Strasbourg and Brussels. Epitech awards the title of Expert in Information Technology, equivalent to the degree + Master, recognised in Europe (level 7 of the EU) and approved by the French state at level 1 of the National Commission of Professional Certifications (CNCP).

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