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Master’s Degree + Bachelor in Digital Management

Get trained in a bachelor digital business in Barcelona

Welcome to the Master’s Degree and Bachelor in Digital Management in Barcelona, which trains experts in Digital Businesses in a 5-year programme.

Its content mixes the varied and technical features that characterise Epitech, offering training that focuses on managing digital businesses, including 100% practical projects. This training enables the Digital Management Bachelor and Master’s Degree student to effectively become familiar with the world of new technologies and digital transformation, allowing them to take the lead in any project of this type.

The immersive sessions that Epitech offers in this degree in Digital Businesses (especially during the first and second year), give students the opportunity to absorb all the methodological bases and minimal techniques in a very short time, becoming familiar both with the world of technology and management.

Studying Digital Management at Epitech

What is Epitech? School specialising in IT and Digital Innovation, leader in Europe. Since 1999, across Epitech’s 20 campuses, we have turned more than 5,000 students who are passionate about IT and the digital world into professional experts, through an innovative educational model based on carrying out projects.

Now, you can study Digital Management in a comprehensive way on our 5-year programme:

  • Bachelor Degree in Digital Management (Years 1, 2 and 3)
  • Master’s in Digital Management (Years 4 and 5)

Epitech will open doors to the most innovative businesses for you or, if you prefer, prepare you to launch and create your own business.

Why Epitech?





Bachelor and Master's Degree in Digital Management

What qualification will I get from my Epitech training?

By studying our Bachelor + Master’s Degree in Digital Management, you will gain the official title, recognised by the European Union, of:

Expert in Information Technology Management

Programme modules, fundamentals and techniques for our Bachelor + Master’s Degree in Digital Management

See below for details of the fundamentals and techniques that our students learn over their 5-year course, which correspond with the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management (the first 3 years) and the Master’s in Digital Management (the last 2 years).

50% technology

50% management

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More reasons to study our Master in Digital Business in Barcelona


International experience

At Epitech we know the importance of having international experience, and we believe in an education that will help open doors for you in any part of the world. Because of this, the fourth year is spent entirely abroad, either at one of our 90 associated universities (in Germany, United Kingdom, United States, China…among others) or at any Epitech campus in the world. Get trained with a degree in Digital Business specialising in Digital Business Management.

Main career paths

A degree in Digital Business trusted by the big names

Since its inception, Epitech has created various partnerships with large national and international companies. Working together with these businesses has enabled the school to put innovation and technology at the heart of its computer science training, as well as in different projects within the school, so these partners can be involved in different initiatives organised by Epitech.

Studying Digital Management in Barcelona

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