Our Team

The Epitech team in Spain is comprised of professionals with a wealth of experience in the fields of technology and teaching at an international level.
Xavier Nuñez Director of Epitech in Spain
Albert Romans Director of Marketing & Business Development
Rosa Barchein Director of Education
Araceli Reyes Head of Administration and customer service
Marco Sardelli Teacher
Théo Pawelec Teacher
Argann Bay-Eymère Teacher
Michael Thursby-Pelham English Teacher
Kattalin Ocariz Educational Assistant
Oriol Moles Educational Assistant
Oriol Farràs Educational Assistant

Academic Partners

Our academic partners have extensive experience in business ventures, technology and marketing, which is why they have been selected to teach different courses in our programmes.
Jordi Bosch Partner at BICC
Caio Araujo Head of Digital Transformation at UP Spain
Morgan Kuster Sales and Marketing consultant and teacher
Santiago Sánchez CEO and Co-Founder of The Etailers
Albert Rof CEO of Rof Consulting
Jan Carbonell Machine Learning Engineer at The Motley Fool
Carlos Gutiérrez UX/UI Manager at Oracle
Douglas Pate CEO and Founder of Aiteas Consultants
Jaime Pallarés CTO of PBS - Welcome Solutions
Miguel Guerrero Co-Founder of Saturdays.AI
Sergi Gómez Product Manager at FounderNest
Thierry Alberola CEO of A Human Touch - Executive Search
Epitech is a computer science school founded in 1999, which trains experts in the sector in 5 years. It allows to turn the passion for computer science into a profession of the future thanks to its innovative pedagogy based on the implementation of projects. Epitech is present in 13 French cities, one in the United States (New York) and in 5 other European cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Strasbourg and Brussels. Epitech awards the title of Expert in Information Technology, equivalent to the degree + Master, recognised in Europe (level 7 of the EU) and approved by the French state at level 1 of the National Commission of Professional Certifications (CNCP).

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