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Discover Epitech

Epitech is a university that offers a variety of programmes in Computer Science. A school like no other, that has unique values and is made up of an international network of 20 campuses.

Epitech: it's not just your education, but a revolution

Founded in 1999 in Paris, Epitech is a world-leading educational institution in computer science and technology. With a unique focus on hands-on learning and collaboration, Epitech empowers its students to become leaders in the technology industry. Through a project-oriented curriculum, Epitech fosters critical thinking, creativity and problem solving, preparing graduates to meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s digital world.

«At Epitech, we train innovators and technology leaders with a unique focus on hands-on learning, collaboration and real-world problem solving.»

Epitech’s Values


We guide our students in the best of innovation, sharing with them the drive to change things and the world that surrounds us. Innovation that’s positive and constructive, and always takes the needs of people and society into account.


Epitech’s students are flexible and aren’t part of a predetermined order. They are dynamic, they bring ideas, they assert, they advance, they build… Taking initiative is our students’ driving force, both individually and collectively.


At Epitech, we highly value autonomy and independence. Our training is there to guide students and give them the best possible foundation on which to build their future. Each one evolves at their own pace, according to their own style and conventions.


Epitech is made up of many different skills and qualities. As all our students are different, we have designed courses that are bespoke, modular and 100% project-based.


We believe in group dynamics! Our students not only get inspiration from the world that surrounds them, but also from each other, sharing their ideas and desires to build the future togethe.

A national and international network

To date, Epitech has 20 campuses: 14 in France, + 5 in Europe and 1 in the USA

Each campus forms part of the Epitech network which all students are affiliated with, be they in France or abroad.

During their first 3-year stage, students at Epitech can opt to join one of the various French or international campuses.

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