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Blockchain programming: Its main programming languages

blockchain programming

Are you curious about the sudden appearance and huge popularity of Blockchain? Let’s talk about blockchain programming.

What are we talking about? Basically, Blockchain is a chain of blocks, as its name would suggest. But, in a digital context, these blocks are information which are connected through cryptography. Each block has a cryptographic function that relates it to the previous one, so they are organised in a way that makes it very complicated to change the data, therefore guaranteeing transparency and security.

If you are interested in becoming a Blockchain programmer, as one of the professions of the future and the present in the technological environment, first you will need to learn some of the programming languages that are most frequently used. In this post we’ll talk about them. 

Blockchain languages

  • C++. This language is very popular in the technological world, including in Blockchain technology. This is because of its many characteristics, such as a primitive memory system, multiple advanced subprocesses, move semantics, object-oriented among others, such as function overloading. These capabilities enable Blockchain programmers to easily shape data with cryptographic chains. In fact, the first Blockchain application was originally written in C++.
  • Solidity. This is the fastest growing Blockchain programming language, since it was created with smart contracts in mind. The Solidity language is written statically with ECMAScript-like syntaxes. As Solidity was developed with Blockchain in mind, it is a programming language that is very suitable for solving many of the problems Blockchain programmers come across with blockchain code.
  • Vyper. This is a fairly new Blockchain programming language. The purpose of Vyper is to make writing smart contracts very simple. This removes a lot of the object-oriented functionalities that we come across in Solidity (such as recursive calling, infinite loops and modifiers) to avoid the security problems that can be caused by using it.  
  • Golang. Also known as Go, this is a Blockchain programming language for building fast and efficient systems. It’s considered the best language for developing a greater Hyperledger structure, in other words, the basis for creating Blockchain apps. Go is written statically and is a compiled language. It’s perfect for blockchain code. It also has characteristics that improve its output, such as classes, annotations, generics, among others.
  • C#. This Blockchain programming language enables open source developers to simply create a portable code using C#, which is used in all devices and operating systems such as Android, Linux, Mac, among others. What’s more, as C# is an OOP language, Blockchain programmers can achieve maximum performance when creating their next blockchain.
  • JavaScript. It’s possible that JavaScript is the most popular programming language, thanks to NodeJS, which is a cross-platform server environment. This is also heavily used by Blockchain developers. Creative and large-capacity Blockchain applications can be built with JavaScript, since it is installed in most systems. Because of this, Blockchain programmers don’t need to worry about integration if they use this language; meaning they can focus instead on application logic for blockchains. 
  • Simplicity. This is a high-level Blockchain programming language, which was developed for smart contracts. It is considered to be one of the best and most suitable programming languages for writing smart contracts, for both professional programmers and open source developers. Simplicity focuses on reducing Bitcoin’s complicated low-level readability. Therefore, it increases the capacity of Bitcoin developers, helping to create a quicker developing time.

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