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HTML Basics: HTML line break

html line break

An line break in HTML is made by using the <br> or <br/>tag. This is used to introduce a html new line in the text, similar to using the “Enter” key on the keyboard. 

They are generally used within paragraphs and are very useful when writing addresses or any other texts where line separation is important. 

However, it’s not necessary to introduce line breaks in between paragraphs, since using the <p> tag does this. On the other hand, neither is it necessary to use them to increase the size of the line break in HTML. To do this, it’s better to change the CSS margin of the document. 

HTML line break features

  • A closing tag isn’t necessary. The only vital thing is adding the <br> tag at the end of the line where you want a break. In other words, it’s an empty element.
  • In XHTML it’s written as <br/>
  • Line break tags come under the “phrasing content” category, which in turn is a subset of the “flow content” category.
  • They enable any element that accepts “phrasing content” as a parent element.
  • The <br> tag includes global attributes. However, from HTML 4.01 onwards, the lang and dir attributes aren’t compatible with it. 

An example of how to make an HTML line break

Epitech Barcelona Campus<br>

Address: C/ Joan Miró, 21 Barcelona (08005)<br>

Tel: + (34) 93 797 88 14<br>


[email protected]

As you can see, line space tags in HTML are very useful and easy to introduce. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to study at EPITECH. We offer a Bachelor + Master’s Degree in Computer Science where you’ll learn all about programming languages.

Do you want to study computer science with Epitech?
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HTML Basics: HTML line break
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