what does a computer engineer do

What does a computer engineer, or computer science graduate do?

what does a computer engineer do

What does a computer engineer, or computer science graduate do?

Want to know what a computer engineer or computer science graduate does? If you’re passionate about computer science and you want to study something related to it, this post will be the most helpful in answering certain frequently-asked questions. Below, we dig deep into the role and salary of a computer engineer, and we’ll show you the possibilities of studying a degree in computer science. Carry on reading to find out more.

What does a computer engineer do?

One of the most frequently-asked questions by people who are interested in studying a degree in computer science is, what does a computer engineer do? Computer engineers carry out very different tasks, related to the world of computer science and related to IT projects: data analysis, project creation, administration, research into improving processes, using data in platforms, development of AI processes, and development of software and hardware, among many other things.

A professional with computer engineering training is qualified to be able to: develop, design and lead IT projects in any phase, of a high complexity, and in any organisation. In the midst of digital transformation and innovation, the skills which engineering or its training provide offer the possibility of working in the industry with the highest guarantee of employment, whether it is at home or abroad.

what is a computer engineer salary

What degree do you need to be a computer engineer? Computer engineering or Bachelor + Master’s degree in Computer Science

Specialisation in computer science is very important, since it is a very extensive field and hard to get to know all areas in depth. When you choose computer engineering at university, you have to specialise in one sector in particular. This applies whether it’s a degree in computer engineering, a Bachelor’s in telematic engineering or in information systems, a Bachelor’s in computer engineering or in software engineering, etc.

So, what does Epitech offer for all this? Epitech offers varied and technical content in its Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science plus Master’s, which gives students the chance to learn the programming languages and all that encompass new technologies. Once you’ve got your qualification, which is officially recognised by the EU, you’ll become an expert in computer science technologies. Without the slightest doubt, you’ll be equipped to carry out roles such as: developer, full-stack developer, computer engineer, computer consultant, project manager, technical director, network and systems administrator, or even CEO

What areas can a computer engineer work in?

As we have already mentioned in another of our articles, the career opportunities after a computer science degree are numerous in any sector. However, the most important thing when entering the workforce is the specialisation which you have done.

In this context, you can competitively perform scenarios related to information technology. For example, a computer engineer can be: a web programmer or developer, app developer, designer or developer of software architecture, technological consultant, IT project manager, manager of e-commerce platforms, IT systems analyst, or cybersecurity specialist, among many other specialisations.

On the other hand, and as we have also mentioned in another of our articles, these can be in the jobs of the future and those emerging in the technological field, whether they are in artificial intelligence, Big Data or Cloud Computing.

And finally, what is a computer engineer’s salary?

Without a doubt, being a computer engineer is a profession with a future (and with a present, of course). Furthermore, it’s one of the careers or degrees that can provide great opportunities of promotion in the long term. The demand for this type of work is soaring, and it doesn’t seem to have reached its highest point, not by a long stretch.

As we already know, technology is in continuous development. Young people or anyone interested in computer science – those who want to choose the best option for their future – ask what a computer engineer’s salary is:

How much a salaried computer engineer earns varies according to professional experience, as well as the area of computer science it’s in. Let’s have a look at the salary ranges of a computer engineer in more detail:

  • Junior: The salary of a computer engineer with the minimum experience ranges from €18,000 to €30,000.
  • Senior: A senior computer engineer, with experience in the relevant sector, receives a salary of between €30,000 and €48,000.
  • Project Leader: A project manager, in charge of supervising an IT project, receives a salary of around €48,000 to €70,000 or more, which makes it the best paid profile in Spain.
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